6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Dog Camping

As a pet friendly campground, we see many dogs join their family on a camping trip and have an absolute blast. We also see campers without their fur baby who say they wish they brought them along. We may be a little biased because we love camping with dogs, but we think, if possible, you should always bring along your pooch on your camping trip. Below are our 6 reasons why. 

1. Bonding

Camping trips tend to bring people together, and this isn’t any different for dogs. Camping with your pooch will form a stronger bond between the two of you through all the time spent together. Driving, walking, swimming, kayaking, eating, sleeping and anything else you and your dog do together build a special connection and no doubt will make each other happy. Camping with your dog can be a very rewarding bonding experience! 

2. Exercise

Taking your fur baby camping is a great opportunity for them to get their exercise in a new, exciting way. Not only will your dog get the exercise they need, but they make exercising fun for you too! Camp Moogerah is on 20 acres, so there’s plenty of space to exercise. If you and your dog love to swim, there’s also Lake Moogerah right on our doorstep. Maybe your dog prefers to stay dry? Perhaps they might like kayaking instead which are available for hire (and dogs are allowed!). 

3. New Environment

Exploring somewhere new is great for both you and your pooch. A new environment introduces new sights, smells, people, and animals, satisfying their curiosity and sense for adventure. Though, it’s important to understand that not all dogs like camping, just like humans! If your dog can be aggressive or gets too nervous going to new places, perhaps it’s best not to take it camping - being in a new environment could trigger the dog and cause issues. 

4. Training

Camping is an excellent opportunity to polish up or work on obedience training. Teaching your dog to stay by your side and not to bark is definitely tested while camping. There is so much space to run around and so many new smells to explore! Though we are a dog friendly campground, we do request that dogs must be always kept on a leash whilst onsite.

5. Companionship

Dogs provide us with amazing companionship, so if you’re camping alone, consider bringing your pooch along with you. Adventuring with your loving furry friend is sure to lift your mood for the both of you. Dogs also provide some great entertainment!

6. They’re Family!

And the best reason why you should bring your dog camping is… dogs are part of the family! They love nothing more than to be with their family, so why not bring them along to all the camping trips? Camping with ALL your family makes for a memorable experience no matter what. Dogs put a smile on your face every day and are sure to lift the mood when needed. 

At the end of the day, dogs love to explore new things and love to be with their humans, so why not take them on your next camping trip? They’ll love you even more for it (if that’s even possible).

Remember that not all camping grounds are pet friendly, so always double check with them as well as being considerate of other campers and the surrounding environment.

At Camp Moogerah, we love animals and truly believe that your pets are family members who deserve to join in on the fun, so that’s why we are a pet friendly campground. And FYI, pets can stay for free! If you would like to book your next camping trip, be sure to contact us or fill out our booking form today! 

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Camp Moogerah sits on the scenic shores of Lake Moogerah, accommodating groups up to 257 in bunk bed cabins alone. Our emphasis is safety, education, team building, combined with lots of fun.

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