8 Tips on How to Plan a Group Camping Trip

So, you’ve decided you and a bunch of friends want to go on a camping trip, but you’re not sure how to plan it? Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Here are our top tips on planning the ultimate group camping getaway.

1. Communication: Create a Facebook Group

Communication is key in any planning situation, so your group must sort it out first. There are many options to choose from when deciding how to communicate with everyone in the group, but we believe a Facebook Group is one of the best tools. Information about the trip can be shared with everyone, you can run polls and ask questions, and once the trip is over, everyone can share their photos and stay connected.

EXTRA TIP: Create a Google Doc and include all the details about the camping trip. This document can then be shared so everyone knows all the key information. The Google Doc should include camp location, arrival time, transportation logistics, payment method, contact details of everyone, activities, meals, camping equipment and weather scenarios.


2. Assign Roles

This may sound a little like a group assignment at school, but it’s necessary. Assigning roles to multiple people in the group helps de-stress the planning process and allows more people to get involved. Possible roles to assign include:

  • Leader – handles delegation and communicating with vendors
  • Treasurer – creates a budget and collects the money
  • Activity Director – research activities group can do on the trip and create an itinerary
  • Camp Chef/s – puts together a meal plan and is in control of the camp kitchen
  • Gear Organiser – figures out what is needed and knows who is bringing what


3. Decide on a Date

Once you know who is joining this epic camping trip, the next step is to figure out when everyone is available. An excellent way to figure this out is by running a poll on the Facebook Group Page.

EXTRA TIP: Have multiple dates available. Sometimes the campground you’ve chosen doesn’t have availability for your most preferred date. You should at least have one other date in mind when checking availability. It is always best to plan these trips as far in advance as possible or try getting dates during the off-peak times like weekdays.


4. Organise the Payment Method

This can be a very stressful part of the whole process of planning the camping trip. So, here are what we think to make it SO much easier.

It’s best to pool the group’s money together and make one payment to the campground. Many apps out there can make this easy, like PayPal and Groupee.

Another way is for the ‘Treasurer’ to create an Excel spreadsheet with everyone’s names and other relevant details. When a person has transferred the Treasurer their money, they can then mark that person off on the spreadsheet.

You can always ask the campsite if they have any suggestions for doing this.


5. Create a Camping Meal Plan & Budget

What are you going to eat? Does anyone have any allergies? How are you going to cook your food? Are there local pubs and restaurants near the campsite? All these are essential questions to ask when planning a successful camping trip for a group. We recommend you ask the campground what facilities they have and what’s nearby, figure out the food budget, and create a meal plan.

Here at Camp Moogerah, we have a BBQ Area that has an electric BBQ, a massive pizza oven, an inground esky, tables and chairs, and a fireplace. We always suggest groups use this area since it’s such a great place to hang out, play some music and cook your meals. Oh, and it’s free for all Camp Moogerah guests to use! If you don’t feel like cooking though, there are several cafes and pubs nearby.

EXTRA TIP: Bring your own firepits. At Camp Moogerah, you are allowed to have campfires! So, make sure your group brings a firepit or two. If no group member owns one, you can always hire ours. Please note that you cannot have a campfire if there is a fire ban in the area. This can change daily. Click here to find out if the Scenic Rim has a fire ban.


6. Check the Campground Rules

It is always important that you are aware of the campground rules and double-check them a day or two before you arrive. Everyone in the group must be aware of the rules like noise curfew, if campfires are allowed, check-in and check-out times, if they’re pet friendly and more.

EXTRA TIP: Post the campsite’s rules on the Facebook Group and pin it, so it’s always easy to find or add it to the Google Doc.


7. Consider Different Weather Scenarios

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. You can plan and plan for a perfect camping trip, but sometimes mother nature has other ideas.

Not to worry, though! There are still ways to work around bad weather. Firstly, keep an eye on the weather forecast and make informed decisions on whether the trip should be postponed to another date or march on through it. We recommend talking to your campground about possible options in adverse weather.

EXTRA TIP: When planning your trip, it’s best to consider all the weather scenarios and plan for those too.


8. Have Fun!

Things don’t always go to plan, and that’s okay! Just remember to have fun, be there in the moment and make some memories with your mates.

Now that you know some tips and tricks for planning the ultimate camping getaway with your mates, it’s time to begin! If Camp Moogerah sounds like it’s your next camping trip location, then be sure to contact us today.

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